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March 23, 2006


Kevin Jones

when will there be an osx uploader?

Aner Ravon

I totally agree with you Yael. I personally don't believe specialized services can succeed unless they hit a real passion point (for example sports memorabilia). When it comes to media sharing, why would I even consider going specialized? It needs to be easy to use, widely acceptable technicaly easy. Then again, I am over 30...I don't know if the 15 year olds share my view.

kartik trivedi  kT

i moved through your site, or to say my site, as now i am also a member. the concept is very nice and sweet. but i find few very essential things missing, yes. i have also read pete at mashable*, i agree to him to certain level, genric sites can face problem in providing a sharp image to user.
example flickr=photo, youtube=video, now in your case as it is generic, please for god sake give a punch line for you site that a user can remember. you have one line but let me tell you it didnt gave me any punch, look into it.
now another thing which i find missing is embeding thing which is provided by most of specific services, and if it is there the by now i havnt found it. third thing, please give every user a internal message box, what if i want to contact Mr.X.

Fred D

Friendster just did not work. They could not scale the backend. Without these tech issues I would think MySpace would not be there today.

Jim Scheinman of Friendster fame is at bebo today; this site can scale and they are on their way to becoming the Myspace / facebook challenger.

When MySpace permeates 100% of schools in a given area and penetration in each school is north of 75%, I think it unlikely that people will switch. As long as they don't screw up they are here to stay, IMO. The very fact that they are generic and broad is what makes them powerful.


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