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July 12, 2006



When a localization in other languages? Esnips is the greatest service that has born in the latest years, but its missing of localization could be a great problem for its widespreading in Europe!


how relevant is the Adsense advertisements towards our digital content's context? many times I see too much useless Ads.
any suggestion to improve this?

Omar Cruz

Your BM sounds cool. However, I'd like to ask (way off topic) how your company is taking the crisis there in Israel?

Do you house your servers or have it remotely?

On a economic wise, how does it impact the services and operation of your company?

Many thanks.

Omar from Philippines

yael elish

Paolo: Good timing for this question, we in the midst of thinking and evealuating the pros and cons of localization, and whether it is the right thing for us at this point in time. Which language would you have liked to see it localized to, also is it the menu you would like to see translated or have a total separate eSnips for your specific country?

yael elish

Omar: We're hosting out of NY since the majority of our user base is from the US. And as for the crisis and coping with it; Thanks for asking, we are not directly effect as we are located in the center of Israel, but we are naturally following every development with concern and are hoping it will end soon.


Thank you for your answer!
IO would like very much to have esnips translated in Italian. Your service is pretty useful, mainly for people that's not under 18 (they're mainly interested in blogging related to instant messaging). For example I love to use it in order to share the info about a trip I'm planning that I find over the web, or to host a gallery of pictures to link from my site. The main problems are 2:
1) When I send an invitation to someone... often they don't understand what's happening and reject it as a fake/spam mail.
2) I can't use esips to link stuff for my site/blog because the navigation menu is not in Italian.
What would be the best thing for me? To have all navigation menu and "public" interface in Italian. As well a bar in Italian would be greatest to try spreading your service over here!!!

yael elish

Thanks for the very helpful input. It's very much in line with the feedback we have received so far. Best. Yael

William Maynard

I want to upload not just one snip, but all snips, in [or] and their folder stucture to an esnips folder so i could then download the entire mess again ... From a programmatic point of view, having the snips alone without my structure, really just makes me another google, I want the STRUCTURE of the data perhaps for a restore, or to access my data structure from the web, or place or send to another machine.

it's the ability to share the results of my work to organize my data which i value, not only the data itself, is 90% of the value. I do not see any way to upload the structure, is this correct?

PS. for this great idea, i only want purchase option 5% of stock... at todays value... i figure that should make me trillionaire in about five years. :)

pps. sorry for the tech post in a commens blog, howabout creating a tech blog?


Cool Business model

All the best



Do you want BETA testers to test development of/ enhancement of eSnips?

If so Please consider me.

I am working for IBM, INDIA.

yael elish

Hi Ashok:
First, feel free to email me directly at yael at esnips.com
Thanks for offering to beta test. We have a great new version that is coming up soon as will need tons of feedback and beta testing. We hope to make it available on the second week of Sep. We may provide access to testing servers ahead of time. Your feedback is most welcome. Cheers, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Yael

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