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July 04, 2006



It's really humble of you to carried to your place... But now I suggest that take it to nearest pet store or bird care center or atleast to some vet... otherwise you are right he'll not survive... Two things you must take care of to protect him from all, that includes rodents, cats, ants (yaa that's right), even spiders etc... second that it eats frequently.. All the best for could-be 'Snippy'.

yael elish

Hi Gaurav, thanks for the helpful advice. I knew about cats but didn't think of ants and spiders. I am lucky to have a vet neighbour who actually specializes in exotic birds. I was advised to feed him boiled eggs, fruit and dry dog food (wattered). For now he eats like an ogre.....

Don X

Some kind of woodpecker?


Hey....this bird looks like a cukoo, i had a similar encounter once and usually as cuckoos's dont build rtheir own nests they lay eggs in crow's nest and when the srow comes to know about it that the birdie isnt its little one, it just throws it out of the nest....take good care of it....and Snippy sound better than bummer


hey. thats a very nice thing to do.. and i would have done it myself too. i love animals, any creature for that matter. Snippy is a nice name i should say, most of my dogs have names starting with "S" and so i can very much relate to you. hehe. my dog now is back home in the Philippines, her name is Shumck and my brothers are attending to her needs as well as her puppy named Birdie. were still trying to teach him to fly!! anyway, goodluck with snippy. i like him..


Looks like a Myna fledgling.

Cool Bird

OMG! ok i saw this bird too! my 2 cats like somehow brought it my porch when they were wandering outside, and where like beating on it (they dont have claws, so didnt get too hurt) so yah i like fed it a bit and then put it bk where it came from. If it is a cuckoo bird or w/e will it survive at that age? cuz i hope my birdie survived.

Me again

darn, too bad i didnt see this posting before, i could of kept the cool bird, hopefully its out int he wild having a good time with its buddies, my cats got punished for doing that to the bird! 2 full days of not going outside. O but then the other cat caught a baby mouse in a field too, another punishment, i got bad cats eh.


deffo a starling i have one !


this looks as though it was quite a while ago. may i ask how the little thing is doing now?
i once had a baby mocking bird. he didnt make it though. but we think that there was something wrong with him. he couldnt stand or even sit up on his own.
good luck, i hope all goes well!

jesus <3's u!

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