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July 20, 2006


Efrat Moshkoviz

Welcome aboard! We're thrilled you joined our small (but powerful) team.


Welcome Hagit (I'm a little late, but better that never). Sorry I've got a question out of eSnips, hope you reply personally: What are requisites and skills for marketing internet (online/virtual) companies, where to find the knowledge and how to practice?

Thanks and congratulations again.

John Charles Moss

Hello Hagit, congratulation on you new position as Marketing Diva.

I sent you an email but the address didn't work.

This is a letter of appreciation for your fantastic Website. For months I have been looking for free web space to upload my larger files. I am the Webmaster for the MSN Group.

When I first started the free Army Apprentice Soldier Forum, it was soon apparent that we only had 3 MB of space for Army Photos. Also no where to upload larger files, I opened my Spaces Blog but soon found that the posts were not sequential. Frustrated, I surfed the net and came across other places to upload and share my files. The only drawback was the limited amount of space or the time runout. I also had a lot of conflicting problems with people accessing my computer.

Then I found eSnips.com on Google, in a word “Brilliant” members of the Army Apprentice Soldiers group have been extremely impressed. I think that with all the added features such as voice messaging etc, your site will be as successful as eBay.

I would like to add my two penny's worth, this is not a criticism but a suggestion that you may want to pass my findings on to future eSnips users. Some of the problems I encountered, I will list below with the solution. Just to help others who may run into the same difficulty. I am running a HP Pavilon A 720 N Computer with a 200 GB hard drive, CD/DVD burner and 31/2 Floppy drive. My ISP is Sympatico and is a dial connection with a 56K Modem. (High Speed is unavailable on Molega Lake, a problem living in the Boonies)

When I use the File upload option, I encountered an error message from Wildcat

I found that my screensaver had not been deactivated and think this was part of the problem.

Also, my Incredimail, Skype, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger were also open. Once I closed the running programs the uploads were successful. This may not affect high speed users.

After loading the photos, I encountered the dreaded Red X.

To overcome this problem, (on dial up) I uploaded individual files from my computer 5 at a time.

However, there is no size option given.

Once again, members of my group encountered the Red X, on investigation I found that photos that I had resized, could not be brought back to the original size. (A Red X would appear) So to see the photo they have to click back to small or smaller.

I have now ironed out these little (but frustrating) kinks, and on behalf of all my friends I wish you well and hope you continue to prosper.

A friend is still skeptical about using eSnip, because you mention the word 'Share.' I have tried to reassure him that the site is safe. Unlike FileShare, where people actually have access to your computer. Maybe you would re phrase the word share and use something else ( I haven't come up with anything yet, but will let you know if I do)

By the way, you must be very busy at the moment because I did not receive any reply from your Support Team. No need for a reply now though as I have solved most of my self induced inflicted wounds.

As a suggestion, would you also include an invite to my eSnips on, my Home page. I still have no idea what my address is.

I guess it's Ok to send this link http://www.esnips.com/HomeAction.ns but how do my friends find my account?

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and if you have any room on your Team for an old retired Soldier and Coast Guard 'codger' like me, please let me know. Well done the eSnips Team

From John (Peat) Moss in Sunny Nova Scotia, Canada

902-685-3007 Please leave a message if I am on the computer or phone (Tks)

RSVP to [email protected]

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