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August 28, 2006


Igor Porton

I have some comments regarding the usability of some of the features, that tech guys may consider as a user experience.
Girst of all, it is hard to customize. If one change settings, for example filtering images order, they do not stay as selected. It is very important feature.
Second, it is not easy to make website and client (the systray guy) talk to each other. For example, if user wants to upload multiple images via webpage, there's no such a functionality, and one should do it one by one. I guess there should be a link to launch the client for that purpose.

That are the first two things I bumped on, Will let you know if some more found.

Good luck with your great ideas.

- Igor Porton,
SQA Engineer


Hi Igor. Thanks for your comments. I am not sure I totally understood both of them. Order of files in a folder should stick and remain once you save the changes. If not, it's a bug. I'll check into that. You may want to use the toolbar for capturing from the web, rather than the 'systray guy'. When did you start using eSnips? I'll be happy to correspond directly to better understand. It's yael at esnips.com.

Sam van Buuren

Hi Yael, I'm looking forward to the new release. But tonight I wonder if the current release is down?? I cannot access my files. Regards, Sam.


I uploaded some files to the following URL

I am unable to access the folder.
I wish to know why.


Any news about the localization of the platform?


I already enjoy for esnips.blogs.com!



I can tell you're swamped. Have written to support three times over 3 days with no answer.

This esnips thing is * in my humble* opinion,the best host out there, in terms of user-bility- when it's working well. Huge potential.

The problem is that unless you are able to help people with their issues, it will be shortlived. You know this.

All of my MP3 audions are playing on fast forward when you open the stream. Not just for me, but for about 50 other people that linked in.

I am sure I am not alone in saying that it is very important we get these things resolved promptly.

I appreciate having a free space to load a gig- but without effective functionality it does no good. I hope someone is able to take a look at this.

I do hope that you can get the help you need to keep things running smoothly.

Thank you

Yael Elish

Sam, yud:
This week has been a tough one in terms of coping with a huge growth in number of visitors and a sudden load it created on our servers. There were interuptions and you may have tried to sign in during one of them. We are literally working around to clock on optimizing performance and upgrading the service. This is also the reason we temporarily disabled the search by tag and display of related tag features. Appreciate your patience, hope and believe we'll make it worth-while soon! Thanks.

Vilma: We have a great version scheduled for mid September.
lacalization in not schedulted for the next quarter, but is definitely in our road map. later.

Anand S.K.


While I find e-Snips doing a great job in promoting sharing of content amongst friends, groups and the community in general, there are a few facilities which if provided could make life a lot easier and convenient for e-Snippers. These are:

1. Promoting / Demoting folders from private>shared>public and vice-versa

2. Copying / Moving files between folders without deleting or re-uploading

3. Renaming folders

4. Setting passwords to folders/files so as to allow access to friends or groups who are explicitly given those passwords.

I hope to see this wish list implemented soon.

Thanks and regards.

Anand S.K.
Managing Director
Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd.


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