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September 11, 2006



One aspect of social publishing should be the ability to warn others of real security threats. However, when I attempted to tag a threat known to come from porn sites only at the moment with the tag "porn", it was not allowed. That seems a bit heavy-handed, especially when it prevents the social publication of a zero-day threat. Lets see if even the URL will post:



Jeesh, I can't even publish the article at all because of its legitimate title:

"Porn sites exploit new IE flaw"

Again, to be found at legitimate URL in previous comment.


i love esnisps!i found here because i put the"upload music"into google,it appeals in google adsence.i found everything in here is so simple to use.it's good job!

i know there still manythings you have to do,there is the good biginning ,so hard will coming,do you best!

BY THE WAY,you should do some work in the ranking of keywords to google,yahoo and so on~~~

last,i love esnips!


Superb news for a great service. I am a big fan of the eSnips project--if that is, indeed, the correct term--but I do have a suggestion. Well, okay; I have MANY suggestions. Might I suggest a forum on eSnips so that users can suggest certain features?

Regards, Corey


Corey, you're totally right and we are planning on adding a forum. Meanwhile we don't want to miss your suggestions, please do send it by eamil to me at yael at esnips.com, to efrat at esnips.com, and to our CTO alon at esnip.com.

jason kenny

Do you know where people can get a GalileoScope?

Fuck Tranny

uh.. thank you for this thoughts!

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