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September 28, 2006


Alex Iskold

Hey there, we never shook hands during the DEMO, obviously too busy etc... I am Alex Iskold from adaptiveblue.

eSnips is very cool and 1M users is just huge. I also write for Read/WriteWeb: http://www.readwriteweb.com and Richard and I would love to do an email interview with you. If you'd like that, please email me at: [email protected].

Good luck dealing with fame!



Six minutes, eh? I knew the Tech industry was concise and punctual, but that is pure... madness, I suppose.

Congratulations on getting USA Today coverage, hopefully there is more to follow!


Congrats for getting the coverage on USA today...i am most certainly one of your fans and will support 2snips..it's cool..=)..thought it's already ahead of it's time..am sure it will have more cool features to come...

Mini Video Guy


I was just over @ the DEMO site, where I actually found your video presentation posted on their site!
Here is the link to the posted flash video:


Great Presentation, Yael :D
You exuded confidence and determination :)

Thank you for your great service and I hope to keep seeing much more inovation and features on esnips!


Edward (Eddy)


Thanks Eddy, Winston, that's very encouraging. It's great to have people like you guys on board. Lots of great things in the works. November will be a very active month on eSnips, stay tuned and please do let me know what your thoughts are!


Is there a video of the presentation online somewhere? If so, I'd love to cover it in my blog at http://sippinwhisky.wordpress.com.

Oops..just saw the link. Superb. It's on my blog tomorrow.

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