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October 15, 2006


Crystal a.k.a Roo's Karaoke

Aw! Thank you so much! This is such a wonderful compliment :)

I am glad you had fun at karaoke :) It is definately a great way to have fun and make friends!

All I have to say about karaoke and singing is once you do it, you are addicted for life :)


I'm new here and just boppin around and saw this.. and wanted to say... wooo hooooo.... have a blast with it - thats what karaoke and singing is all about! Can be one of the best, or one that just gets up there and has fun! I've taught voice, and sang for many years and I think I have more fun listenin to those that just have a love of music and singing even if they can't sing the 'best'... so... Keep singing and tell the neighbors to come join in!! :)

Dale Cordell

Karaoke IS addicting isn't it? I've sung since a little kid, just because I loved the songs I heard on the radio. When I finally got a karaoke machine..it led to another and better one and then better and better recording/editing software and different types of karaoke files. I'm glad you are enjoying a lot of the folks here. It's an honor and your site almost is like a regular website for some of us.


Hi Dale, Erin, Roo! Thanks for the comments. I now need to do two things...fistlty find time (that's the most difficult one) and secondly get my hands on songs I really like. Those would be the classic French songs specifically Serge Regiani and Charles Aznavour, and a few israeli ones.

Dale Cordell

You might try downloading Paltalk at www.paltalk.com and talking with some of the french singers on there. They can probably send you the correct cdg files that you'd play with your computer, using winamp. You can get thousands of cdg files from people you get to know. Good luck and happy karaoking.


Thanks Dale, I've been looking for these online and dindn't find what I was looking for. Will try it.


I know I am very critical of eSnips when it isn't working -- which has been a while now -- but, I absolutely *LOVE* it when all is running smoothly.* It's so easy to get used to working with eSnips that my world all but falls apart without it.

That said, if ever there is a problem with eSnips regarding finances, this is one user who would not object to paying a few cents (or nickels) to maintain the service. As a suggestion along those lines, might there be some premium version of the service that might generate revenue from users? (If not, I'm not complaining about "free" -- unless it's not working.)

Thank you for making my life so very much easier, eSnips!

But as for being "addicted for life" to karaoke...well, no comment. :)

* It would be nice to hear something from eSnips when the service is having problems. There is far too little communication to users from eSnips in that regard, IMHO. Please tell us what the problem might be, how long the service will be down, or any known work-around.

You have created something fabulous. Don't ruin it by not keeping your users fully informed at all times. If I am to rely on eSnips, then I must know what to expect at any given time.


SippinWhisky: I am glad you notice the difference, we've spent the last month working on improving performance in many areas of the service. Your point is well taken re better communication.


I am having a most frustrating time with your site. Firstly the only way I can sign in repeatedly is to reset my password each time because I am never able to get in with the password that I registered the last time. (In fact I reset to the same password each time!) Secondly my husband is in Canada and I am in South Africa. He has some photos he wants to share we me but we cannt figure out how I can get to see them! HELP!


Val - I have asked someone from eSnips to try and help you directly via your email. Thanks.


In your terms of service, wehter it be for general sit or marketing site reasons, you do NOT need irrevocable rights to copyrighted material. You ought to give the user the right to remove content at any time. And if you are using such content for any purpose such as promoting the site, the right to request to terminate such use and/or its removal.

Your current reading of the buying /selling TOS basically let's you take control of a copyrighted material forever, without paying any royalties.


Content License
When you give us content, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise the copyright, publicity, and database rights (but no other rights) you have in the content, in any media known now or in the future. (We need these rights to host and display your content.)

You need to at least remove the word "irrevocable" and really ought to provide a clause regarding removing content and terminating content license rights.

And copyright owners ought to have issue with the sublicenseable wording too.


Norm, thanks for the comment. I will check this. we plan to review the terms of service early next year regardless. If there's anything specific that applies to you and that I can be of help with please let me know (yael at esnips.com)


I had my account locked by esnips for whatever reason. Everyong else has music on their page just like mine and even the same songs, but you lock me out.

I won't recommend you to my friends anymore...there's no inspiration here.

I'm bummed cause you guys were pretty cool, but now you're just like everyone else; putting a noose around me saying 'you can't do that'

You suck


I joined eSnips about 4 days ago - what a Wonderful concept. The thought of being able to listen to over 6,400 Karaoke Singers was very exciting!

Sadly, I have not found a way to listen to more than a few handfuls of this talent because I have found no way to list the singers.

Some are listed under Performers (about 25), some are listed under Featured (about 10), but the rest seem to be out there in annonymity. I can't find them.

I have asked this question (and 4 others) through Tech Support in the last few days. As of this moment I have received 0 acknowledgements that you have received my mails and 0 responses to them.

I'm not going to leave because of these seeming flaws but I am rather disappointed in the lack of communication. The potential for a growing and successful company can only be reached by covering all the bases along the way. Two of the most important bases are Communication and Connection between Management and Members.

I hope you'll address this issue before it becomes a catastrophy and not just the unfortunate situation it is today.

All The Best,
Joe Spellman


Hi Golfmax - this is Lonnie, Ive written you an answer on your page, see how it goes and let me know.
Ill also pass this along to our tech guys, and see what we can do.


Hi Lonnie and Thanks! It shouldn't be that difficult for your Tech Guys to include a button that lists all the members in alphabetical order. It's common and these people are already in your DB.

If they want to I'm sure they can make this happen.

Thanks Again, Joe


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