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November 16, 2006




I am writing this feedback here in comment section as I couldn't find the other appropriate place on site.

I am the registered user of esnips. I have observed some things and I would like to give feedback about those and I guess that could be used to improve site performance/user experience

1. Whenever I search for a particular item e.g. book,document etc. I could see the same item in many user's folder (and under different scattered categories). I think esnips is storing this individuals items in separate places. In my view this is repetition and redundancy.
Also because of this one get big search result even though it is for same item and this big result is not at all required for user. for e.g if I search for itam ABC and if it is in 10 diff users' folder it will show 10 rows in search results for same ABC doc.

2. Also the search facility is not very good. If u give multiple strings in search field (even with "") it searches for individual strings and not for a combined string. This could be improved I guess. Never the less for immediate fix standard google search application which is available freely from google can be used for the single esnips site content search which has surely advanced search facilities.

This is my completely general observations and wanted to share so that can be used by esnips team for further enhancements.


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