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November 08, 2006



Uhm i think n Digital Art Community should be added, since photography doesn't includes all other types of "digital" since photomanipulation is NOT "photography" roflmao confuzzles?


Hi Claudel. will check with the team. we can very easily add any microportal suggested, not sure how it works with a combination of two tags.

Dale Cordell

I'd like to see if you can add hobbies or carvings into the artwork perhaps? I have a hundred hobbies, singing is only one. I've been carving Elk antler for years, but don't have many pics of the ones I sold. I do have a new folder with carvings I did last fall and spring for Christmas presents and for some silent auctions for non profit organizations.Some of my carvings I paint or paint on. For example, "Wink" has an eye that I tried to make look real and coming from a wood spirit, a real eye gives it a different look.


Hi Dale. Technically we can create as many Micro-Portals as we want. Carving would have been great, but I am not sure there are enough people on eSnips who share content on this topic. When doing an eSnips search by tags on the tag 'carvings' you can see it only shows 3 people (you being one of them) and thus this Micro Portal that will be formed around this tag will not have enough content to sustain it. I would estimate that around 30 people are needed to form a Micro Portal that has enough action going in it. You can run this simple test for your other hobbies and see if there are enough people on eSnips who share that hobby to create a Micro-Portal.


Uhm how about groups of users based on their tags and groups micro-portal, let's say X user has plenty of free time and wants to make an interactive micro portal about "Fishing", doing an search over the website looking for other people with that tag attached then he can invite em into his group about Fishing or about Elvis Presley or Elton Jon or DJ Tiesto or Picasso or w/e they can think of? The group features could be auto-activated ONLY after that group has more then X members.
Why i'm suggesting this? because people noadays don't have the patience to check the billions of pictures posted day by day they will know where to go when they wanna find something about an X subject, they can exchange opinions about those subjects and so, my point is that you will have more interactivity because at this point i dont see any activity other then viewing someones folders and posting comments and then just stops... nothing else. That's why bloggers or site's like myspace and such are overpopulated, most people go there to exchange opinions or comunicate in a way or another, to have something of their own and something to show that represents them as they are or as they wanna be seen.I understand eSnips wants to be different then all others and to have its own way that represents it better and untill now it rocks. Well those are only suggestions plus i aint advertising or anything like that.


Hi Claudel, If i understand you corresctly, than this is exactly what we plan on doing. We will let users create mircroporatals using their tag of choice. Is that what you meant?


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