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January 17, 2007


Triple E

I Love it! I've always wanted to hear my own playlist without clicking each song, Now I can do it.

Mike Feury

Pardon the off-topic intrusion, I do not see an easy way to contact the CEO via your site.

Pirated content on eSnips.com

Please note that 12 of the first 13 results for this search
are all books which LSB publishes, and for which Liquid Silver Books has exclusive distribution and sale rights.

You may find the books via our site menu, or the shortcut

Please have these files removed from public availability as soon as possible.

For your information, a quick scan of this search
shows that this problem is widespread on eSnips, if the results of the first few pages are typical of the other 150. Many books from large New York publishers there.

Thank you,
Mike Feury,
Co-owner, Liquid Silver Books.


Hi TripleE - Great to hear. Next thing will be playlist widgets that you can play from other web sites, and since many have requested, maybe desktop widgets... Keep the feedback coming!


Mike: thanks for reporting. We maintain a strict policy on copyright infringment. Normally infringement reports are done using the 'report abuse' link on our site and are taken care of within a couple of days. I from our team that you your request was taken care of by now. Cheers.



(^.^)/ ~


Hi TripleE - How can I create a playlist with files in Favorites Folder? I don't have those "Add to playlist" buttons in that folder!! I have to manually add all favorite files to the playlist each time I logged in esnips. Can't wait for playlist saving!!


HiTuan, we hope to enable the saving and sharing of playlists over the next few weeks, so it's REALLY coming soon.
Regarding playing the music in your favorites in the playlist. Meanwhile you can add your favorite songs to your favorite files (which appears in your profile) from there you have a button that says 'Play Music' it will play the songs you have in your favorites in the play list. (so that's an alternative way of saving the playlist).

Christian Antonsen

Tracklist is great, but there seems to be a problem. One of my songs, which is encoded as standard mp3, no special strange settings or anything, but this particular file gets played back far too fast. This is very annoying. Can it be fixed?

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