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February 16, 2007


FredEric White


Thank you very much for adding me to your blog.

I just fell across your blog while surfing the net.

I feel very honored, I actually sing for fun on ESnips with a $4.00 microphone from RadioShack ~ my songs are done in one or two takes.....

Have a nice week-end,
FredEric White

Victoria Strauss

Are you aware that Esnips members are ignoring the site's TOS and uploading pirated material? Under the Novels tag, for instance, hundreds of illegal electronic versions of books currently under copyright can be downloaded.


You have hundreds of pirated books on your website. The publishing industry is now aware of this. If you haven't received cease and desist letters yet, you will. Not to mention lawsuits if you don't stop it. The only way authors make a living is by the sale of their books--not by illegal sharing. No authors, no more books. Might as well don a firesuit and jump between the covers of Farenheit 451. You're doing nearly as much damage.


This website is horrific! I hope you get sued by all the authors and their publishing companies whose work you are stealing.


Victoria, Scott, Linda:

As you can see from exploring the eSnips site, the site's entire goal is to assist creators of original content to share and promote their work. The content users post on our site is not only original, but extremely creative. We have strong respect the copyrights and intellectual property rights of others, and have always acted expeditiously in disabling access to the materials which were identified and reported to us. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REPORT THE INFRINGMENT TO US. I can reassure you that every complaint that included the link to the infringing file was taken care of. We have never ignored and again on the contrary have always been totally responsive and helpful in removing materials.

Unless we receive a complaint, we are unable to determine what is an actual infringement and what is not, and furthermore would be exposing ourselves to liability if we took down material on our own initiative, and not pursuant to a notice.

As an indication of the seriousness with which we take this issue, we have a dedicated staff to respond to every complaint and we do so immediately upon receiving complaints. Moreover, we have terminated numerous subscribers when we have become aware that they are repeat infringers. In the near future we will also add a section to the site on how to report copyright infringement in a manner that will expedite the notification and takedown, in (relevant cases) of copyrighted content.

If you have other suggestions for us, I would be more than willing to hear. We are always looking to improve in this area. We really want to be known as the “gold standard” for how a user-generated site can deal fairly and evenly in these matters.


I find it hard to believe that you could not determine that books tagged "Harlequin" or listed under names such as Nora Roberts or Ernest Hemingway are pirated material. (http://www.esnips.com/web/sweetanam-NoraRoberts), (http://www.esnips.com/web/tazzaki-ernesthemingway/)

The vast majority of books I found in a cursory search of the site were pirated e-copies of books under copyright. Waiting to be contacted by each author is placing a huge burden on the injured parties, who must search the entire site to find all illegal files. If you are serious about maintaining the integrity of your site, please remove these files--without waiting for each author to discover that they are being pirated.


hello,i want to have a friends and i hope that u r the one

Frederic White

This site is anything but horrific.

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