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March 01, 2007


Saipan Writer

E-snips is allowing its users to violate copyright laws with rampant disregard by uploading e-books for file-sharing.

This hurts the authors and writers who hope to be published because it makes it less profitable. And it's theft.

Esnips needs to educate its users and take a more active role in preventing illegal uploads. Or else you're are just as criminal as the people stealing others work and "sharing" it. You are receiving stolen property and passing it on.

Esnips is the "fence."

It would help if you had a certificate that every user must sign every time they upload a file that they created the document being uploaded. If they didn't, you might require proof of permission to "share" that file.



I am sorry to hear you feel this way about our site, a site that was created, and is primarily used as a means for individual creators to express, share and promote their original works and creations.
I believe we are one of the few sites that does apply a VERY strict policty and remove immediately materials as soon as we receive notices. But according to the law and in respect of other's copyrights and freedom of expression we need to be notified on infringements. As I pointed out in a response to a similar comment here: http://esnips.blogs.com/about_esnips_/2007/02/creating_a_play.html#comments

We have no control over what people upload, and can't censor material. we can however remove content if we receive a notice, and we do so. We have already disabled and will continue to disable repeat infringers.

I agree with your point about putting more effort in eudcating the users. We plan to do more in this front.




I have to agree with the above comments. It's not hard to find many copyrighted books on your site. For those that create content this makes it increasingly tough as there is little money in writing for most authors as it is. Your site makes it easy for individuals to upload and steal others work. You are doing nothing about this. That make you just as guilty. Finally, your process to report copyrighted work makes it a hurdle for the writer to jump through to get the material removed.

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