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November 21, 2007



hello..we hope we could download audio just like before...Thats the reason of creating public files. if they dont wana share their file then they should hide it not put it in public but cant be downloaded


Please allow us to download music again and revise your new policy. If the user will make his/her folders or files PUBLIC, it only implies that he/she (the owner of the file that uploaded the file into your servers) allows other site users to download it.

I am but one of the millions of eSnips users waiting for your change of mind. Thank you in advance.


Hey, tell the big boss in a clear way that we want to download as before!
be nice


Its exciting to see lots of new fetures on the site. I am sure you are happy that esnips came a long way.

I am happy too.. as long as esnips doesnt crash my machine. It happened twice - may be because of the malware that is stored on the site. It happened while I was working on my own files. Probably other advertisements or other files are causing this malware to be downloaded to my site.

Now I have conerns about my machine crashing when I open the site. More than that, I am concerned about my privacy. I store lot of personal documents and now I am really worried that my files have been downloaded by others. If that happens and when I find proof, be ready to talk to my lawyers.

I have been a big fan of the site, but now I am very upset. I will spread the word as much as I can.



Okay. I LOVED the site until you guys got rid of the download option! When i uploaded, i didnt even notice the check box... maybe you should change it to the check box if u dont want it to be downloaded. Just a suggestion.



Hello, it would be good if it was added the option of multiple languages, such as Portuguese, and also an option would know when to download something from my folder.


I have difficulty to upload my photos whole day. Why is that?

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I liked the site until you get rid of the download option! When I downloaded, I did not even notice the box ... Maybe you should change the check box, if u dont want to download. Just a suggestion. Thanks for sharing this post

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its a very nice platform for sharing but i am having difficulties regarding upload stuff on it. cant you make it for easy?

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